Looking for a simple blog where you can get new ideas on recipes, fitness activities or things to do around the Twin Cities?  Then you found it!


Running Circles in the Kitchen was inspired by the issues we all have when we go in the kitchen:

1. You can’t remember why you went in the kitchen and walk in and out or around the kitchen hoping it will come back to you.

2. You really want a snack but know you shouldn’t so you walk around with a glass of water trying to decide to eat or not to eat.

3. You came in the kitchen for a snack, open the fridge and nothing looks good so you walk to the pantry.  You open the pantry and nothing looks good so you go back to the fridge and the process continues.


I’m not a body builder, a personal trainer or a dietitian.   What I am is someone who wants to be fit, someone who wants to eat affordable, healthy and delicious foods, and someone who wants to take advantage of the opportunities afforded me.  Think of me as your friendly neighbor.  If you are short sugar for your recipe, I’d lend you a cup!


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